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Classical Urdu Poetry - Selection 6
Classical Urdu Poetry - Selection 7
Classical Urdu Poetry - Selection 8
Classical Urdu Poetry - Selection 9
Classic and Modern Data Clustering
Classifying Clustering Schemes
Class in French held by the YMCA for soldiers at Camp Grant, Rockford, Illinois
Class in Industrial Hygiene, Factory Inspectors School, Ministry of Industrialization
Class in natural history at the São Paulo YMCA, Brazil
Class of 1875
Class of 1889. Gratia Countryman
Class of illiterates, Army YMCA Building #1, Camp Travis, Texas. These men are from first group, 165th Depot Brigated. Building is devoted exclusively to Negro troops. Negro secretary is teaching class. Lesson absorbing attention of classics, "See t...
Class of students standing before the Beaver Group diorama at the museum
Class photo
Class photograph with Irma, Cavour, and Jessie Hartley at the Craggencroft School
Class portrait
Class portrait
Class portrait
Class Pyramid