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Wetherbee Campaign
Wetherby, Macnider
...we, too, fight : "as one of the United Nations, China pledges to you that the products of your toil will be used
Wetten en regulation betreklyk slaven in de colonie de Kaap de Goede Hoop zedert het jaar 1658 tot ult. 1805 = Laws and regulations respecting slaves at the colony the Cape of Good Hope since the year 1658 till ult. 1805,
We want books : Victory Book Campaign
We want : rags : for : vital : war needs!
We want this : not this : rationing is a "must" : until supply equals demand
We Want You to Know: Battered Women, July 22
We Want You To Know:  Bo (w/ Diane) Thursday, Valentine's Day Boudykke
We Want You To Know: International Women's Day, Tape 10 - Ecol. Tips Making Future Waves Karen Wiebe, March 8, 1990