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Papers. Department of Geology - Employment data (Box 2, Folder 18)
Pay envelope machine
Pemba Island
Plants and shrubs
Plate Book
Portrait photograph of the Young Men's Advancement Club
Power House. St. Paul Campus
Power plant
Power plant
Product development team
Publications. Pamphlets. Howell, William H. and Edward L. Keyes,""The Sexual Necessity." (Box 170, Folder 13)
Publications. Pamphlets. Instruction in the Physiology and Hygiene of Sex for Teachers (ASSMP, Educational Pamphlet)"(Box 170, Folder 12)
Railroad commissioners' map of Minnesota : corrected to Feb. 1, 1913
Reggie Vibert homestead on esker, view north towards present day fire tower site
Report Of L. C. Wilson For Quarter December 31, 1913.
Report on Evangelistic Meeting for Government Students in China, 1913 (First three months follow-up) Shanghai, China, May 31, 1913 (Private and Confidential)
Reports and Minutes. Individual Departmental Reports and Committee Minutes. Joint Finance Committee. (Box 6, Folder 3b)
R. H. Stanley, Secretary, China, (Unassigned). Annual Report for the year ending Sept. 30, 1913