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1923 Dahlias
Reformulations in mathematical programming: Symmetry
Letter to Fidelity state bank
Tutorial - Politics, Petitions, and Propagation
Vida: His Own Story
Fourier phase retrieval with random phase illumination
Closing plenary talk: Metabolic engineering and metabolic modeling: where do we go from here?
Lyapunov exponents, periodic orbits, and horseshoes for semiflows on Hilbert space
Lyapunov exponents and Multiplicative Ergodic Theorem for random systems in a separable Banach space
Two Distributed Optimization Algorithms for Machine Learning
Transfer Free Energy and Building Blocks for Beta Barrel Membrane Proteins: Structures, Topology, and Stabilities Prediction
Kansas City, Kansas : formerly Wyandotte - Kansas City, Kan., and Armourdale
Plan de Paris, Métropolitain et Nord-Sud
Plan de Paris, Métropolitain et Nord-Sud
Overview of the numerical algebraic geometry group agenda
Workshop Introduction
D-modules for Macaulay 2
Mixed-Integer PDE Constrained Optimization
Mixed-Integer PDE Constrained Optmization