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Yak's wool scarf
Yak's wool scarf
Yak's wool scarf
Yak's wool stole
Yak's wool stole
Yardage of block printing over block printing
Y Boys' Radio Club at the Minneapolis YMCA, Minnesota.
Yefim Bronfman Headshot
Yellow Adder's Tongue and Snow Lily
Yellow Bellwort
Yellow Bellwort
Yellow Bellwort
Yellow Bellwort
Yellow-crowned Night Heron in Rock Creek Park
Yellow flower shortgrass
Yellow Lady Slipper and Ferns
Yellow Lady Slipper, large
Yellow Lady Slipper, nearer view
Yellow Lady's Slipper
Yellow Pond Lily, near view
Yellowstone Lake and the Fish Cone
Yellow Water Lily
Yerkes, George Washington Christopher Colombus
'Y' Girl at Aix-les-Bains, France
Y-Gradale Sorority. Charter, undated. (Box 3, Folder 23)
Yiddish theater troupe scrapbook album, Landsberg am Lech, Germany
YMCA African-American Origins in YMCA Washington D.C. Let Us Celebrate Together 125 Years of YMCA Service to Black Communities…Service that Helps Move Our Country Towards Fulfillment of its Highest Ideals. (Box 8, Folder 9)
YMCA and YWCA: Program in Urban Life, undated. (Box 13, Folder 4)
YMCA Building
Y.M.C.A. Building, Institute of Child Welfare, Minneapolis, Minnesota
YMCA Bulding in Seoul, Korea
YMCA district plans for the extension of the YMCA program in the Philippines, undated (Box 18, Folder 1)
Y. M. C. A. Filing System
Y.M.C.A. Game Room - Harrisburg, PA
YMCA Girl in Costume at Aix-Les Bains.
YMCA Lobby, Shanghai, China (Men's Building)
YMCA Members
YMCA Presentation
YMCA Reading Room
YMCA School
YMCA Shop and Laboratory
YMCA shop meeting at Kohler piano factory
YMCA shop meeting at Kohler piano factory
YMCA Staff: Tripp, Hubbard, Froelick, Hersey, Ziegler, Garley, Brown, Cole, Hall, Hayes, Edwards
Y.M.C.A. Tea House at recess time with the wysteria in bloom
YMCA Theatre at Aix-les-Bains, France
YMCA urban work records. "City Ass'ns, Urban Box #2" Inventory, undated (Box 5, Folder 42)
YMCA urban work records. Inventory of Contents of "City Ass'n, Urban Box 1", undated (Box 5, Folder 41)
YMCA urban work records. Resource File - Racial Relations, Race and the City, undated (Box 5, Folder 38)
YMCA urban work records. UAPD Papers, Meetings, and Programs A. (Box 2, Folder 9)
YMCA urban work records. UAPD Papers, Meetings, and Programs B. (Box 2, Folder 10)
YMCA World Service Picture of the Month, June 1963
Yola broadloom: NN-13a&b
Y on World Fronts, Ethiopia - last part
Y, Ordered index cards to the glass plate and film negatives (Index Cards)
Yoruba baby tie: NW-1994-6
Yoruba headtie: I-2
Yoruba headtie: IE-10
You Can't Catch AIDS From a Glass
You Can't Get AIDS By, You Can Get AIDS By
You have been in Afganistan, I perceive
You Have Seen Their Faces
You interest me very much, Mr. Holmes...
"You interest me very much, Mr. Holmes." #2
Young adult carrying a child on their shoulders on the walkway of the Hartley house at 1305 East Superior Street
Young adult kneeling in the grass and petting a dog
Young adult sitting beside a dresser and mirror in the room of Irma Hartley at the Dana Hall School
Young adult sitting by the side of a building
Young adult sitting with an unidentified person on a couch
Young adult standing in front of a fenced-in yard
Young beaver on end of dam near Rice Lake
Young beaver on end of dam near Rice Lake
Young Birch Forest at Itasca State Park
Young bird in nest
Young Blue Heron near nest, sixty feet above the ground
Young Bull Moose
Young Bull Moose, near view
Young CCI visitors
Young children dancing together at the Emanuel Cohen Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Young children in the Emanuel Cohen Center nursery school, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Young children learning to swim at the Emanuel Cohen Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Young dancers in a line, with written inscriptions "To Genevive from "The Laming Youth Revue"
Young Downy Woodpecker
Young Downy Woodpecker
Young, Edwin
Young girl
Young girl
Young girl "Bessie" at Ned L. Huff's bird bath
Young Girl in a Kimono Carrying a Baby on Her Back
Young, Jeremiah Simeon
Young Killdeer
Young Man in Tribal Necklace Seated at Table
Young Man with Birds
Young man with trophy
Young Men with Cots
Young men with hats pose for a picture, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Young Night Hawks on Rocks where they hatched
Young People With McCarthy