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Lower Ganges Canal.
Lower Ganges Canal.
Lower Ganges Canal.
Lower Swat Canal Headworks.
Lucknow's memorial to Sir Henry Lawrence and heroes who died in '57 (View N. W.)
Madaripur bhil route; Bengal.
Madhoray Ghat and the Minarets at Benares.
Madrefsa [sic.] Bidur.
Madura [Madurai], Southern India
Magazine near Balar [Bala] Hissar gate
Mah Chung Keow, - Canton.
Mahomadan [Mahomedan] nautch girls
Mahratta Group
Maidan Valley
Main Pass Gate, La Porte de la Ville
Making a cast in iron foundry.
Making a joint.
Manack [Manek] Chowk, Jeypore [Jaipur]
Man-eating alligators of India eager for another meal--three monsters in captivity
Manufacturing telegraph posts.
Manure dryers, Bombay
Map of France (Box 7, Folder 18)
Map of St. Louis Park
Map of the eastern hemisphere, 1843.
Marble Mausoleum of Prince Etmad Dowlat [Itmad-ud-Daula]
Marble screens in the interior of the Taj Mahal, Agra
Marble Statue by Marochetti, Cawnpore [Kanpur]
Marble Tomb of Mirza Jehangir, Delhi
Marble Tomb of Nizam-ood-Deen [ud-Din], Delhi
Marriage of Shiva and Parvati, Elephanta Caves
Marwaree women, Bombay
Marwaree women, Bombay
Mausoleum of Sultan Chunsero, near Allahabad.
Mausoleum of Sultan Purveiz, near Allahabad.
Mausoleum of the Emperor Humayun, Delhi
Mausoleum of Zufdir Junge, Delhi.
Meerz Fyze. An Oosbeg Elchee. Or Ambassador.
Memorial at Cawnpore, India, to British women and children massacred by the Nana Sahib, 1857 (West)
Meshbesher's Scrapbook Photographs
Mettur Dam.
Mettur Dam.
Mettur Dam.
Midday meal
Mosque and Tomb of the Emperor Sooltaun Mahmood, of Chuznee.
Mosque of Abdool Raheim Kahn [sic.], Boorhanpoor.
Mosque of Aurangzeb and Ghats, Benares
Mosque of Goolaum Hoossein Huzrut-Jee.
Muhafiz Khan's Mosque, Ahmedabad
Munikurnika Ghat, Benares, from the river.
Muntapam near the Horse Court, Streerungam [Srirangam] near Trichinopoly [Tiruchirapalli]
Musjid near Raj Ghat, Benares.
Mussulman Women
Nadrai Aqueduct.
Nafsuk, on the Guadavery.
Naga Mode of Disposing the Dead on a Bier or Platform.
Native Bhujji girls on the rocky banks of the Himalayan mountain river Sutlej, northern India
Native blacksmith outside city wall, Jeypore
Native Boutegues: Galle, Ceylon.
Native bullock carriage
Native Cobbler
Native fiddlers at Achalgar, on picturesque Mount Abu, the Jains' sacred retreat
Native Fields near Kandy
Native fruit seller
Native goldsmiths, Jaffna, Ceylon
Native Houses near Colombo
Native Hut, Bengal
Native Hut, Bengal
Native huts, Madras
Native Huts: Polgahawella, Colombo.
Native Pedlars [sic.] (from life)
Native plough, Madras
Native Tailors
Native washermen at the native washing place, Bombay
Nautch girl, Jeypore [Jaipur], 1
Nautch girl, Jeypore [Jaipur], 2
Nautch girl, Jeypore [Jaipur], 3
Nautch Girls
Near Boorhanpur, Asir Ghur in the distance.
Near Currah, on the River Ganges.
Nepalese porter-girls who carry baggage many miles for two-pence, Darjeeling
New Double Line Bridge over the Pazundaung Creek
New Poona Mail Train.
New Suburban Rake
New Wagon Lifting Shop
Nickel platers.
Nilgiri Railway Burliar Tunnel North Portal
No. 10. The New Cawnpore Battery./ No. 11. The Judicial Commissioner's Kutchery (Court-House).
No. 12. Rear view of the Residency, from the Churchyard./ No. 13. The Seikh Yard Breach.
No. 14. Interior of the Residency Billard Room.
No. 15. The Seikh Yard Battery./ No. 16. The Nobut Khana Gateway.
No. 17. The Clock Tower Gateway.
No. 18. View from the Residency Look-out Tower.
No. 19. View from the Highlanders' Post.
No. 1. Baillie Guard Gateway.
No. 20. Anderson's Battery./ No. 21. Havelock's Grave and the Alumbagh Picket-House .
No. 22. Interior of Alumbagh.
No. 23. Jellalabad.
No. 25. Listening for Miners./ No. 24. The Mosque Picket.
No. 26. Lying in Wait./ No. 27 Sinking a Shaft.