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Robin Gillette, Director of the MN Fringe, on Her Tenure, Aug. 2013
Dominic Jones, Water Plant Manager, on his Work, July 2012
Dafna Naphtali, Composer, on her Process, February 2013
John Reimringer, Novelist, and Katrina Vandenberg, Poet, Aug. 2015
Sharon Day, Director, Indigenous People's Task Force, July 2015
Nicholas Jordan, Professor of Agronomy, on a Contempory Land-Grant University, April 2012
Karlheinz Essl, Composer, Aug. 2014
Diane Katsiaficas, Professor of Art, on her Inspiration, January 2013
Don Davis, Cultural Geographer, on the Louisiana Wetlands, November 2010
Christine Kliesen Wehrman, Pastor, on Theology in Art, July 2013
Jonathon Wells, Artist and Geologist, June 2015
Juliet Schor, Professor of Sociology, on Conventional Economics, October 2010
Ryan Skinner, Ethnomusicologist, on Mali, October 2012
Michael Dennis Browne, Professor of English, on Poetry, November 2009
Marcus Filippello, Professor of History, on Road Development, October 2011
Darlene St. Clair, Multicultural Resource Center Director, May 2015
Kelly Quinn, Professor of American Studies, on Puppets, February 2010
Ann Waltner, Professor of History, on Matteo Ricci's Map, July 2010
Cristina Pippa, Playwright and Screenwriter, Apr. 2016
Madelon Sprengnether, Professor of English, on her Literary Foundations, September 2006
Simon Gikandi, Professor of English, on Literary History, October 2009
Michal Hvorecký, Author, Apr. 2015
Interview with Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Historian of Race.
Michael Hartl, Gardener and Programmer, Oct. 2014
Marcus Nornes, Professor of Asian Cinema, on Japanese Documentary, November 2007
Charles McGovern, Professor of American Studies, on the History of Popular Culture, February 2013
Ot√°vio Bueno, Philosopher of Science, Feb. 2016
Keir Neuringer, Composer, on Improvisation, February 2009
Freya Manfred, Poet, on Her Work, June 2014
Lawrence Venuti, Professor of English, on Translation, October 2011
Geraldine Heng, Director of Medieval Studies, on King Arthur, November 2007
Daniel Block, Professor of Geography, on Mapping Food Access, March 2011
Isabel Ettenauer, Toy Pianist, Oct. 2014
John Anfinson, Historian, on the Mississippi River, May 2011
Ryan Hill and Heather Stone, Actors, on the Sandbox Theatre, July 2009
Leigh Fondakowski, Playwright, May 2014
Moishe Postone, Professor of History, on his Life, April 2008
J. B. Shank, Professor of History, on Ancient Mathematics, October 2008
Christine Baeumler, Artist, on her Work, December 2012
Dean Abrahamson, Professor Emeritus of Public Affairs, on the Fukushima nuclear disaster, March 2011
Louis Jenkins, Poet, on Evolving as an Artist, Apr. 2014
Jennifer Brier, Professor of Gender Studies, on LGBT History, April 2013
Danny Robinson Clark, Actor, on his Wife Mattie, Jan. 2014
Jerry Blue, Librarian and Storyteller, Aug. 2014
Thomas Rose, Professor of Art, on his Work, August 2011
Rita Raley, Professor of English, on Electronic Literature, February 2009
Leonard Marcus, Author, on Margaret Wise Brown, November 2009
Hanna Kite, Grad Student in Public Health, on the Fukushima nuclear disaster, March 2011
Interview with Margaret Rogers Barrett, Writer.
Regina Fragner, Farmer, Sep. 2014
Matteo Convertino, Complex Systems Analyst, Sep. 2015
Hale & Josef Thauerbach, Organic Farmers, Oct. 2014
Gerry Kearns, Professor of Human Geography, on Public Geographies, October 2012
Keri Pickett, Photographer, on her First Film, January 2013
Karl Pfeifer, Director of the Vienna Center for the Documentation of the Austrian Resistance, Sep. 2014
Reggie Prim, Artist, on Civic Engagement, November 2007
Sarah Lambert, Set Designer, on her Work, January 2012
Dominique Tobbell, Historian of Health Care, Mar. 2014
Gini Lee, Landscape Architect, on the Outback, October 2012
Rita Deyo, Writer and Volunteer, Mar. 2016
Angela Zito, Professor of Anthropology, on Religion, February 2013
Tae Hong Park, Composer, on New Music, February 2013
Joyce Lyon, Howard Oransky, and Christina Michelon, Curators, on the Women's Art Movement, February 2013
Rachel Jendrzejewski, Multidisciplinary Artist, Aug. 2015
David Milroy, Playwright, on Aboriginal Theater, September 2008
Judy Klein, Composer, on her Music, February 2013
Renata Holod, Scholar of Islamic Art & Architecture, May 2013
Dylan Ward, Actor and Director, July 2015
Susan Whitfield, Historian and Librarian, on Historiography, January 2013
Justine DiFiore, Artist, on the Women's Art Institute, Jul. 2013
Catherine Levesque, Chair of Art History, on Dutch Landcapes, February 2013
Milena Klimek, Organic Agriculture Student, Aug. 2014
Robert Lang, Origami Master, on the Frontiers of Origami, March 2011
Erik Olin Wright, Professor of Sociology, on Social Utopia, December 2007
Rebecca Louise Paxton, Organic Agriculture Student, Aug. 2014
Eric Dursteler, Professor of History, on Early Modern Identity, March 2011
Kristi Belcamino, Crime Fiction Author, Feb. 2016
Robert Gilmer, Postdoc in Native American History, on Oil and Water, June 2010
Andrew Stone, Postdoc in History, on Soviet Orphanages, April 2013
Karl Stöcher, Baker, Sep. 2014
John Reimringer, Novelist, and Katrina Vandenberg, Poet, May 2011
Molly Zahn, Professor of Religious Studies, on Rewritten Scripture, April 2011
Tamara Underiner, Professor in Theater of the Americas, on Contemporary Mayan Theater, March 2009
Julian Vasquez Heilig, Education Policy Researcher, Sep. 2015
William Moseley, Professor of Geography, on Food in Botswana, June 2012
Joel Ryan, Composer, on his Music, February 2009
Jürgen Csencsits, Gourmet Chef, Oct, 2014
Christian Koeberl, Director of the Vienna Natural History Museum, Sep. 2014
Interview with Peter Rachleff, East Side Freedom Library.
Kathleen Ryor, Professor of Art History, on Ming Dynasty Art, November 2012
Jennifer Streb, Art Historian and Curator, Mar. 2014
Christopher Fischbach, Publisher, on His Work, Aug. 2014
Hong-Ming Liang's Interns at Middle Ground Journal, Apr. 2014
Gioconda Barbuto, Dancer and Choreographer, Nov. 2015
Mary Cassidy, Cafe Owner, Oct. 2015
Christopher Roberts, Professor of Law, on Human Rights, April 2012
Michelle Dammon Loyalka, Journalist, on China, April 2012
Bill Moran, Typographer, on his Practice and Historical Font Revival, March 2011
J. B. Shank, Professor of History, on the Calculus (3 of 3), December 2008
Caryl Clark, Professor of Musicology, on Franz Joseph Haydn, March 2008