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Peg Meier, Reporter and Writer, Apr. 2014
Peter Kampits, Philosopher, Oct. 2014
Peter Redfield, Anthropologist, July 2014
Peter Shea Introduces the Austria & Germany Series, Aug. 2014
Peter Weisensel, Russian Historian, on Ukranian Current Events, Mar. 2014
Rachel Jendrzejewski, Multidisciplinary Artist, Aug. 2014
Raffael Hickisch, Nature Preservationist, Oct. 2014
Raymond Toller, Ph.D. Candidate in Evolutionary Biology, Aug. 2014
Rebecca Louise Paxton, Organic Agriculture Student, Aug. 2014
Regina Fragner, Farmer, Sep. 2014
Reinhard Derntl, Vegetable Farmer, Sep. 2014
Rhoda Gilman, Historian, on Social Justice and Human Rights, Feb. 2014
Robert DeArmond, Arts Council Director, Apr. 2014
Sabina Hoser, Baker, Sep. 2014
Salah Ammo, Musician, Sep. 2014
Sarah Stonich, Author, on Sense of Place, July 2014
Shane Courtland, Philosopher, Apr. 2014
Siegfried Kröpfl, Vegan Chef, Sep. 2014
Stefan Heid, Ethnologist and Writer, Oct. 2014
Susan Hawthorne, Professor of Philosophy, on ADHD
Sylvia Edelman, Farmer, Sep. 2014
Thia Cooper, Professor of Religion, Apr. 2014
Thomas Schmidinger, Scholar of the Middle East, Aug. 2014
Tim Hoogland, Coordinator of History Day, on Minnesota History Day, Feb. 2014
Ully Leitner, Organic Farmer, Oct. 2014
Walter Haider, Grocer, Sep. 2014
Waltraud Egger, Grocer, Oct. 2014
Waltraud Haslhofer and Andreas Ortner, Restaurant Owners, Oct. 2014
Will Weaver, Author, Apr. 2014
Adeena Karasick, Cultural Theorist, on the Materiality of Language, February 2013
Alice Shields, Composer, on her Musical Life, March 2013
Andrew Stone, Postdoc in History, on Soviet Orphanages, April 2013
Angela Zito, Professor of Anthropology, on Religion, February 2013
Annea Lockwood, Composer, on Natural Sounds, February 2013
Arthur Knight, Professor of American Studies, on Cinema, February 2013
Astrid Ogilvie, Climate Historian, on Reconstructing Past Climates, February 2013
Benjamin Friedlander, Poet, on his Poetry, February 2013
Best Practices in the Collection of Life Stories: Gail Dubrow, Rachel Jendrzejewski, & Caridad Svich, Apr. 2013
Best Practices in the Collection of Life Stories (Q&A): Gail Dubrow, Rachel Jendrzejewski, & Caridad Svich, Apr. 2013
Brian Kelley, Artist, on his Paintings, February 2013
Candy Simmons, Producer & Actor, on Solo Performance, Aug. 2013
Carey Bagdassarian and Elizabeth Mead, Sculptor and Chemist, on Emergent Properties, February 2013
Caridad Svich, Playwright, on her Work, April 2013
Catherine Levesque, Chair of Art History, on Dutch Landcapes, February 2013
Chandos Brown, Professor of American Studies, on Public History, February 2013
Charles McGovern, Professor of American Studies, on the History of Popular Culture, February 2013
Charles Palermo, Professor of Art History, on Artistic Agency, February 2013
Christine Kliesen Wehrman, Pastor, on Theology in Art, July 2013
Dafna Naphtali, Composer, on her Process, February 2013
Dakota Hosta, Artist, on the Women's Art Institute, Jul. 2013
Dana Whitco, Director of the Center for Creative Research, on the CCR, February 2013
Danny Robinson Clark, Actor, on August Wilson, Aug. 2013
Danny Robinson Clark, Actor, on his Early Life, Jul. 2013
Danny Robinson Clark, Actor, on Preparation, Sep. 2013
Diane Katsiaficas, Professor of Art, on her Inspiration, January 2013
Elizabeth Erickson and Patricia Olson, WARM Gallery Founders, on the Women's Art Institute, February 2013
Erika Kate MacDonald, Playwright & Actor, on Her One-Woman Shows, Jul. 2013
Gary Kroll, Environmental Historian, May 2013
Gretchen Buggeln, Professor of Christianity, on Church Architecture, March 2013
Hans Tammen, Composer, on his Musical Development, February 2013
Helena Goscilo, Professor of Slavic Languages, on Soviet Posters, Oct. 2013
Jack Rose, Actor, on His Life and Career, Aug. 2013
Jake Marmer, Poet, on his Poetry, February 2013
Jan Estep, Professor of Art, on her Current Projects, January 2013
Jeff Hackworth, Saxophonist, on Jazz the Way the Old Guys Played, February 2013
Jennifer Brier, Professor of Gender Studies, on LGBT History, April 2013
Jodie Ahern, Artist, on the Women's Art Institute, Jul. 2013
Joel Chadabe, Composer, on Interactive Systems, February 2013
John Reimringer and Katrina Vandenberg, Novelist and Poet, on Writing and Parenthood, July 2013
Joyce Lyon and Howard Oransky, Curators, on Feminist Art, February 2013
Joyce Lyon, Howard Oransky, and Christina Michelon, Curators, on the Women's Art Movement, February 2013
Judy Klein, Composer, on her Music, February 2013
Justine DiFiore, Artist, on the Women's Art Institute, Jul. 2013
Kathryn Jensen, Sign Language Interpreter, on BLAST, April 2013
Keri Pickett, Photographer, on her First Film, January 2013
Kristian Petersen, Professor of Religion, on Chinese Islam, Sep. 2013
Kristin Anderson, Playwright & Actor, on Hitler, Satan, and Me, Aug. 2013
Kristin Hoelsher-Schacker, Artist, on the Women's Art Institute, Jul. 2013
LeAnn Holland, Grad Student, on Adult Development, February 2013
Linda Gammel, Photographer, and Sandra Menefee Taylor, Multimedia Artist, on Roots of Renewal, February 2013
Linda Levin, Artist, on the Women's Art Institute, Jul. 2013
Lisa Channer, Professor of Theater, on her Work, January 2013
Marlene Jack, Professor of Ceramics, on her Pottery, February 2013
Mary Beth Stein, Catholic Activist, on Church Reform, Aug. 2013
Matthew Trumbull, Playwright & Actor, on Death, Aug. 2013
Michael Gogins, Composer, on his Music, February 2013
Naomi Falk, Professor of Art, on her Work, February 2013
Natalie Rae Wass, Playwright & Actor, on Nudity, Aug. 2013
Rachel Jendrzejewski, Multidisciplinary Artist, on her Recent Projects, March 2013
Ravi Malhotra, Professor of Law, on the Disability Rights Movement, March 2013
Renata Holod, Scholar of Islamic Art & Architecture, May 2013
Robin Gillette, Director of the MN Fringe, on Her Tenure, Aug. 2013
Ruth Mazo Karras, Professor of History, on Medieval Sexuality, July 2013
Site, Incitement, and the Bat of Minerva: Peter Shea and Danny Robinson Clark, Nov. 2013
Susan Whitfield, Historian and Librarian, on Historiography, January 2013
Tae Hong Park, Composer, on New Music, February 2013
Timothy Pauketat, Archaeologist, on Cahokia, May 2013
Wayne Potratz, Sculptor, on Casting Metal, January 2013
Andy Sturdevant, Artist, on his Work, December 2012
Ann Juergens, Professor of Law, on the Justice, October 2012