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Shirley Nelson Garner, Professor of English, on Shakespeare, March 2010
Shelley Cords-Swanson, Visual Artist, on her Inspiration, October 2012
Shawny Anderson, Service Learning Leader, July 2015
Sharon Day, Director, Indigenous People's Task Force, July 2015
Shane Courtland, Philosopher, Apr. 2014
Seitu Jones, Artist, on Community, December 2012
Sean Walsh, Professor of Philosophy, on Confucius, December 2012
Scrapbooks, Photographs, and Memorabilia. Scrapbooks. Printed Matter. (Box 12, Volume 2)
Scrapbooks 1933-1954. Carmen 1940. (Box OS 3)
Scott VanKoughnett, Bookstore Owner, Sep. 2015
Savannah Rhomberg-Reich, Playwright, on Theater, August 2010
Sarah Whiting, Photographer, Apr. 2016
Sarah Tracy, Director of Medical Humanities, on Medical Humanities, November 2008
Sarah Stonich, Author, on Sense of Place, July 2014
Sarah Lambert, Set Designer, on her Work, January 2012
Sara Evans, Professor of History, on the Relevance of History, February 2007
Sara Evans, Professor of History, on Becoming a Feminist Historian, December 2011
Samantha Bohrman, Author, Feb. 2016
Salah Ammo, Musician, Sep. 2014
Sabina Hoser, Baker, Sep. 2014
Ryuta Nakajima, Artist, on Zen and Marine Biology, March 2011
Ryland Angel, Composer, with Ann Waltner, Historian, July 2015
Ryan Skinner, Ethnomusicologist, on Mali, October 2012
Ryan Hill and Heather Stone, Actors, on the Sandbox Theatre, July 2009
Ruth Mazo Karras, Professor of History, on Medieval Sexuality, July 2013
Rosalie Wahl, MN Supreme Court Judge, on the War in Iraq, Mar. 2003
Ron Reed, Pioneer of Philosophy for Children, Dec. 2005
Ronald Krebs, Prof. of Political Science, Aug. 2015
Roma, Volume 17, Number 976
Rollin' on the T.O.B.A. [production records] (Box 6, Folder 6)
Roger Hart, Professor of History, on Chinese Math, March 2007
Robin Gillette, Director of the MN Fringe, on Her Tenure, Aug. 2013
Robin Gilette, Director of the Fringe Festival, on the Fringe, July 2009
Robert Wallace, Evolutionary Biologist, on the Agroeconomics of Disease, July 2015
Robert Lang, Origami Master, on the Frontiers of Origami, March 2011
Robert Hammel, Filmmaker, on Filmmaking, November 2009
Robert Gilmer, Postdoc in Native American History, on Oil and Water, June 2010
Robert Gilmer, Postdoc in Native American History, on Mississippi River Flooding, May 2011
Robert DeArmond, Arts Council Director, Apr. 2014
Rita Raley, Professor of English, on Electronic Literature, February 2009
Rita Deyo, Writer and Volunteer, Mar. 2016
Rick Duque, Professor of Social Studies of Science, on Transplanting Science, April 2011
Rich Horton, Editor of Rift Magazine, Jan. 2016
Richard Wilk, Professor of Anthropology, on Civilisation, March 2011
Richard Steckel, Professor of Economics, on The Long Shadow of American Slavery, December 2011
Richard Mizelle, Environmental Historian, Apr. 2015
Richard Altenbaugh, Professor Emeritus of Secondary Education, on Education and Society, March 2011
Rhoda Gilman, Historian, on Social Justice and Human Rights, Feb. 2014
Renata Holod, Scholar of Islamic Art & Architecture, May 2013
Relations with Other Organizations. National Voluntary Organizations and Conferences. National Council of Women. (Box 137, Folder 08)
Reinhard Derntl, Vegetable Farmer, Sep. 2014
Regulation and Moratorium after the BP Oil Spill: Robert Gilmer, Nov. 2010
Regula Russelle, Book-Maker, on her Projects, November 2012
Regina Fragner, Farmer, Sep. 2014
Reggie Prim, Artist, on Civic Engagement, November 2007
Reeva Wortel, Visual Artist, on Portraits, January 2012
Rebuilding the Gulf Coast after the BP Oil Spill: Robert Gilmer, Nov. 2010
Rebekah Rentzel, Director, on her Practice, August 2011
Rebecca Scott, Professor of Sociology, on Coal Mining, April 2010
Rebecca Louise Paxton, Organic Agriculture Student, Aug. 2014
Rebecca Krinke, Artist, on Participatory Art, October 2012
Raymond Toller, Ph.D. Candidate in Evolutionary Biology, Aug. 2014
Raymond Geuss, Professor of Philosophy, on Doing Philosophy, May 2010
Ray Gonzalez, Professor of English, on Teaching Poetry, March 2010
Ravi Malhotra, Professor of Law, on the Disability Rights Movement, March 2013
Raoni Rajao, Management Student, on Amazon Deforestation, April 2011
Randel Hanson, Professor of Geography, on the Robust Food Movement, October 2012
Randall Curren, Professor of Philosophy, on Sustainability, March 2010
Raffael Hickisch, Nature Preservationist, Oct. 2014
Rachel Jendrzejewski, Playwright, on Ephemeral Performances, April 2012
Rachel Jendrzejewski, Multidisciplinary Artist, on her Recent Projects, March 2013
Rachel Jendrzejewski, Multidisciplinary Artist, Aug. 2015
Rachel Jendrzejewski, Multidisciplinary Artist, Aug. 2014
Public Responses to the BP Oil Spill: Robert Gilmer, Nov. 2010
Public Relations. Social Hygiene Day. Correspondence. New York. (Box 074, Folder 07)
Psyche Williams-Forson, Professor of American Studies, on Food, March 2013
Programs and publicity material. (Box 1, Folder 17)
Professional Affiliations, 1941-2006. Rockefeller Foundation. Mexican Program. (Box 34, Folder 1)
Post-Oil Urbanism: Barry Lehrman, Dec. 2010
Plant Pathology Seminar. Seminar papers. (Box 4, Volume 2)
Photographs, Postcards, Clippings. Newspaper Clippings and Articles. (Box 12, Folder 6)
Phil Guin, Pioneer of Philosophy for Children, Dec. 2005
Peter Weisensel, Russian Historian, on Ukranian Current Events, Mar. 2014
Peter Shea Introduces the Austria & Germany Series, Aug. 2014
Peter Shea, Creator of the Bat of Minerva, on the Show, January 2005
Peter Redfield, Anthropologist, July 2014
Peter Kerre, DJ and Community Organizer, on the North Minneapolis Tornado, July 2011
Peter Kampits, Philosopher, Oct. 2014
Perry Price, Crafts Educator, Aug. 2015
Peoples of the Gulf, Flooding, and Dead Zones: Robert Gilmer, 2010
Peg Meier, Reporter and Writer, Apr. 2014
Peggy Skopec, Retired Teacher, Nov. 2014
Paul Hillmer, Oral Historian, on Hmong History, Apr. 2014
Paula Lupkin, Professor of Architecture, on the YMCA and Beer, April 2011
Paula Findlen, Professor of History, on Leonardo Da Vinci, March 2010
Patrick Raines, Scientist, Apr. 2015
Patrick Raines, Scientist, 2006
Patrick Hamilton, Global Change Initiatives, Science Museum of MN, June 2015
Patricia Hampl, Professor of English, on Lyric Poetry, October 2009