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Katrina Vandenberg, Professor and Author, on Her Latest Book and John Reimringer, Professor and Author on Limits
Maria Prinz, Herb Gardener, Oct. 2014
Frederic Neyrat, Philosopher, on Anti-Humanism, March 2011
Caridad Svich, Playwright, on her Work, April 2013
Scott VanKoughnett, Bookstore Owner, Sep. 2015
Leigh Fondakowski, Playwright, on The Laramie Project, April 2010
Joe Paddock, Poet and Environmentalist, May 2014
Dakota Hosta, Artist, on the Women's Art Institute, Jul. 2013
Andrew Light, Professor of Environmental Ethics, on Climate Change, April 2009
Blaine Brownell, Architect, on Sustainable Architecture and the Fukushima nuclear disaster, April 2011