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Ellen Kennedy, President of World Without Genocide, on Combatting Genocide, October 2009
Olive Bieringa, Choreographer, and Bryce Beverlin, Physicist, on 1/2 Life, November 2009
Robert Hammel, Filmmaker, on Filmmaking, November 2009
Stacy Alaimo, Professor of English, on Transcorporeality, November 2009
Charles Baxter, Professor of English, on his Writings, November 2009
Leonard Marcus, Author, on Margaret Wise Brown, November 2009
Michael Dennis Browne, Professor of English, on Poetry, November 2009
John Harwood, Professor of Architectural History, on Corporate Architecture, November 2009
Julie Schumacher, Professor of English, on her Writing, November 2009
Alona Nitzan-Shiftan, Professor of Architecture, on Post-WWII Israeli Architecture, December 2009