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Environmental Restoration after the BP Oil Spill: Robert Gilmer, Nov. 2010
Emma Maris, Writer, Apr. 2015
Emilie Buchwald, Children's Writer, Mar. 2014
Ellen Kennedy, President of World Without Genocide, on Combatting Genocide, October 2009
Elke Piff, Herb Farmer, Oct. 2014
Elizabeth Erickson & Patricia Olson, Artists, on the Women's Art Institute, Jan. 2014
Elizabeth Erickson and Patricia Olson, WARM Gallery Founders, on the Women's Art Institute, February 2013
Elaine Ecklund, Scholar of Science and Religion, Mar. 2016
Education. Education Division, General. Pre-Induction Health Manual Correspondence. (Box 083, Folder 02)
Education. Education Division, General. Opposition to Family Life & Sex Education. (Box 096, Folder 03)
Editorial Files, 1891-1952 (bulk 1917-1952). Working Editorial Files, 1935-1952. "Calling America" Series, 1939-1948. Minorities. Promotion, 1939. (Box 185, Folder 1392)
Dylan Ward, Actor and Director, July 2015
Douglas Huff, Philosopher, Oct. 2006
Douglas Geers, Composer, on the Spark Festival, February 2007
Douglas Ewart, Sound Artist, on Play, February 2009
Don Kemp, Teacher and Minister, Feb. 2007
Don Davis, Cultural Geographer, on the Louisiana Wetlands, November 2010
Dominique Tobbell, Historian of Health Care, Mar. 2014
Dominic Jones, Water Plant Manager, on his Work, July 2012
Diane Katsiaficas, Professor of Art, on her Inspiration, January 2013