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Julia Tischler, Research Associate at re:work Center, Oct. 2014
Nitin Varma, Fellow at re:work Center, Oct. 2014
Norbert Finzsch, Fellow at re:work Center, Oct. 2014
Christoph Conrad, Fellow at re:work Center, Oct. 2014
Hans Bertram, Fellow at re:work Center, Nov. 2014
Andreas Eckert, Director of re:work Center, Nov. 2014
Steve Freeman, Realtor, Feb. 2015
Kat Hayes, Anthropologist, Feb. 2015
Karin Velez, Historian, Mar. 2015
Michael Linick, Researcher at RAND Corp., Mar. 2015
Christopher Morris, Environmental Historian, Apr. 2015
Richard Mizelle, Environmental Historian, Apr. 2015
Conevery Valencius, Environmental Historian, Apr. 2015
Michal Hvorecký, Author, Apr. 2015
Patrick Raines, Scientist, Apr. 2015
Emma Maris, Writer, Apr. 2015
Bron Taylor, Scholar of Dark Green Religion, Apr. 2015
Darlene St. Clair, Multicultural Resource Center Director, May 2015
Hyang Eun Kim, Prof. of Social Welfare, with Alex Lubet, Prof. of Music, May 2015
Eva Hudecova, Translator, May 2015