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Jigna Desai, Prof. of Gender, Women, & Sexuality, Aug. 2015
Alice Shields, Composer, on her Musical Life, March 2013
Adam Muller, Scholar of Mass Violence, Nov. 2015
Jay Gabler, Arts Editor, on his Play-writing, August 2012
Joe Amato, Author and Teacher, on Education and History, Feb. 2014
Richard Altenbaugh, Professor Emeritus of Secondary Education, on Education and Society, March 2011
Julie Schumacher, Professor of English, on her Writing, November 2009
Kristin Hoelsher-Schacker, Artist, on the Women's Art Institute, Jul. 2013
Ann Marie Barry, Professor of Communications, on the Neurology of Visual Communication, March 2009
Garrick Comeaux, Founder of Consortium Carissimi, on Music as Sacrament, February 2009