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Chalk drawings on a concrete stairway
Chalk-Talk activity at the George Kaplan Hebrew Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota
"Challah Cloth," Bread cover Blackwork embroidery, by Fradele Feld.
Challenges and Opportunities in Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting
Challenges and Opportunities of Optimization for Smart Grid
Challenges in Digital Humanities Scholarship (Q&A): Smiljana Antonijevic, Oct. 2011
Challenges in Digital Humanities Scholarship: Smiljana Antonijevic, Oct. 2011
Challenges in efficient and inexpensive solar-to-electric energy conversion
Challenges in Hydraulic Fracture Simulation: Evidence from Observations Spanning Laboratory-Scale Experiments to Tectonic-Scale Dyke Swarms
Challenges in making MRI safe implantable devices