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Solanum dulcamara flower and fruit
Solanum nigrum
Solidago canadensis
Solidago canadensis
Solidago canadensis
Solidago canadensis close-up
Solidago gigantea
Solidago hispida
Solidago in fruit
Solidago on the shore of Vadnais Lake
Solidago rigida
Solidago uliginosa
Sonchus arvenis
Sorbaria sorbifolia
Sorbus americana
South eastern forest on a bluff
Southern Slopes and Valleys near Lake City
Spanish Dagger Tree (yucca) in the California desert
Spanish Moss on a Florida Oak
Specimen of Epigaea repens
Specimen of Epigaea repens
Sphagnum in fruit, close up
Sphagnum in tamarack swamp
Sphagnum on top of hummock
Spherical grinding stones from pot holes
Spinulose Shield Fern and Lady Fern fronds
Spiny cone gall of Celtis
Spiny cone gall of Quercus coccinea
Spiraea leaf
Spiraea salicifolia and Spiraea tomemtosa
Spiraea tomentosa
Spiraea vanhouttei
Spiranthes cernua
Spiranthes cernua
Spiranthes cernua, close up
Spiranthes cernua (Coccineorchis cernua)
Spiranthes gracilis
Spiranthes gracilis
Spireae salicifolia
Spireae salicifolia
Spirodela polyrhiza
Spirodela polyrhiza, near view
Spirogyra, fruiting
Spirogyra, vegetative cell
Split Rock Lighthouse
Split Rock Lighthouse, near view