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General letter., May 27th, 1764
General list of the Jesuits expelled via Buenos Aires., September 6th, 1767.
General map Gettysburg
General Map of Assam
General Map of Assam
General map of Cairo
General map of part of the North-West Territory and of Manitoba
General map of rainfall and temperature of Wisconsin, 1882
General map of the native vegetation of Wisconsin, 1882.
General map of the Quaternary formations of Wisconsin, 1881
General map of the soils of Northern Wisconsin
General map of the soils Wisconsin, 1882
General map of vegetation regions of North America
General, March-December 1957 (Box 10, Folder 6)
General materials. Cedar Creek photographs and correspondence to go to UMN Archives Department. (Box 1, Folder 2)
General materials. Certificates and awards. (Box 1, Folder 1)
General materials. Paper presented to the Nature Conservancy at University of Illinois Allerton House, re: Cedar Creek. (Box 1, Folder 3)
General Materials. Sketches of Lawrence and colleagues. (Box 7, Folder 247)
General Mills, Annual Report, 1929-1930
General Mills, Annual Report, 1930-1931