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Letter from W.J. Mathews to Robert P. Harris, 1897
Prediction of the Secondary Structure Common to Two Sequences: Free Energy Minimization and Comparative Analysis
Civil defence : women wanted for : evacuation service : offer your services to your local council : or any branch of
Letter from A.C. Matheson to Robert P. Harris, 1877
Letter from Matheson to Robert P. Harris, 1871
The Evolution of Film Editing Technique and Its Implications to the Parsing and Summarization of Motion Pictures
Be exacting : it might save your own son's life! : a beaver is a most exacting animal. : you too : should be just as
Be tolerant : don't unjustly accuse! : your neighbor is as good an American as you. : but should factual information
Great is your sacrifice : far greater is his! : he is on the job day and night giving round-the-clock service to his
Leap : don't lag! : hop- : don't just hope- : that's your obligation-your duty to your : country.