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Owens, Percy Laing
Owens, Evelyn Bergstrand
Owen, Ralph H.
Owen Meredith Wilson, "The Modern American Scholar," address to the Phi Beta Kappa Association
Owen Meredith Wilson speech given to the National University Extension Association
Owen Meredith Wilson, speech given at the Pan-American Week workshop, conducted by People-to-People, Inc.
Owen Meredith Wilson speech at the opening banquet of "SLA" Week
Owen Meredith Wilson, speech at the Bridge Luncheon held in the Frederick Mann Court, Architecture Building
Owen Meredith Wilson, "Reflections of an Erst-While Faculty Member," an address delivered to the University of Minnesota chapter of the American Association of University Professors
Owen Meredith Wilson, "Higher Education in Minnesota," interviewed by Robert Boyle
Owen Meredith Wilson, "Freedom: It's Rights and Responsibilities," keynote speech at the tenth biennial Governor's Conference on Children and Youth
Owen Meredith Wilson commencement address at the College of St. Thomas
Owen Meredith Wilson address to the American Legion
Owen Meredith Wilson address delivered before the Minnesota Natural Resources Council
Owen Lattimore discusses the "Lattimore Case"
Owen, John S.
Owen H. Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine dedication
Owen Harding Wangensteen retirement dinners
Owen Harding Wangensteen interviewed on his life and his experiences at the University of Minnesota
Owen Hall Art