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Milking in stanchion barn, 1971.
Milking in stanchion barn, 1971.
Milking parlor
Milking parlor
Milking parlor
Milking parlor
Milking parlor on Lakeville, Minnesota dairy farm
Mimulus ringens
Mimulus ringens
Mind control featuring Langston Hughes and Jose' Silva's methods. Satire on Minnesota mud.
Mineral Resources: Iron, Copper, Manganese, Nickel, and Cement Production in This Area
Minneapolis Grain Exchange trading floor, pit, just before opening bell.
Minneapolis Justice: The Black Perspective," with Gleason Glover, Executive Director of the Minneapolis Urban League
Minneapolis Looks Ahead with speaker Don Fraser
Minneapolis Schools: Problems and Prospects with speaker Richard Green
Minneapolis Truck Drivers Strike with speakers Hyman Berman, Martin Duffy and Peter Rachleff
Minneapolis Votes Tomorrow: The Race for Mayor with speakers Mama D'Agostino, Don Fraser, Mike Barros, Tom McDonald, Stephen Thomas
Minnesota Actors
Minnesota and the 1980 Democratic National Convention with speakers Richard Nolan and Warren Spannaus
Minnesota and Wisconsin: Rivals or Partners? with speakers Anthony Earl and Rudy Perpich
MinnesotaBrite' barley
MinnesotaBrite' barley, left. Scab infected variety, right.
Minnesota Budget with speakers John Brandl and Harold Chucker
Minnesota Business Climate: Friendly or Hostile? with speakers David Roe, George Latimer, Winston Borden, and Don Larson
Minnesota Business Climate with speakers Paulucci and Larson
Minnesota Center for Victims of Torture with speakers David Weissbrodt and Neal Vanselow
Minnesota Communications Part I: Page One News
Minnesota Contributions to National Politics with Art Naftalin and Russ Fridley
Minnesota Court of Appeals with speakers Popovich and Sedgewick
Minnesota Economy - The Future by John E. Brandl
Minnesota Economy - The Past by Russell W. Fridley
Minnesota Economy - The Present by Bruce MacLaury
Minnesota Economy: What's In Store? with speakers Edward Foster, Gary sterm, and William Toal
Minnesota environment, keynote speech by Governor Harold Levander
Minnesota Farmers with speakers Berg and Redalen
Minnesota Issues #13
Minnesota Issues #45
Minnesota issues #47
Minnesota issues #48
Minnesota Issues #54, Leadership of Governor Albert Quie with Albert Quie and Wendell Anderson
Minnesota Issues #58
Minnesota Issues # 67
Minnesota Jews with speakers Hyman Berman and Mort Ryweck
Minnesota Legislature
Minnesota Political Parties: Public Financing, Crossovers with speakers George Farr and Bob Forsythe
Minnesota Pupils: Who Are They and What Should They Expect from Their Schooling? with speakers Barbara Bellair, Diane Hedin, and Michael Lovett
Minnesota River
Minnesota River
Minnesota River
Minnesota River