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One Face of Africa
One Half Century of Service: The First 50 Years of Barberry Eradication mss by Robert W. Bills. (Box 1, Folder 41)
O'Neil, Jim
O'Neill Sanford
One male and one female Blue Goose cackling
One male Blue Goose cackling
One man portable sawmill demonstration at sawmill short courrse, sometime before 1949
One of the 50 banners. This one says: "Protect the public against cholera."
One of the Eddy audiences. Twelve hundred men promised to study the bible. Five hundred have studied in sixty-five classes.
One of the immunization vans used for literature distribution headquarters.
One of the immunization vans used for literature distribution headquarters.
One of the three Boy Scout bands to draw the crowd.
One of the Wylie Coaches
One of two motor water sprinklers to lay the dust on the parade ground.
One room schoolhouse
On leaving the assembly ground the parade turned left.
On May 21 and 22 the Flag-ship Huron of the Pacific Squadron visited Nanking.
Onoclea sensibilis in Vadnais Lake Swamp
On the farm
On the farm
On the Way Home
O, Ordered index cards to the glass plate and film negatives (Index Cards)
Open court in temporary quarters, showing auditorium to the left.
Opening Doors: Affirmative Action for the Handicapped, 1970s.
Opening of Association Building, Foochow, (Nantai) China
Opening of Athletic Field in Osaka, Japan
Opening of Rigoletto Restaurant, Little Italy, Bronx, 01/87
Opening of the first milk bottling plant in Morocco built by the Joint Distribution Committee, Casablanca, Morocco
Open Market
Open over-mature mixed pine and hardwoods
Open white pine cones next to the original seed extraction plant, possibly Earl K. McGillivray with cones.
Opera "Sherlocko"
Operation Detroit Christmas in Vietnam
Ophrys arachnites
Opium container
Opium Smoker
Opium weight shaped like an elephant
Opperman residence (N 183), Roger Johnson, architect
Opéra, Façade latérale
Opéra, Façade latérale
Opéra, Grand Escalier
Opéra, Grand Escalier, Groupe de Carrier-Belleuse
Opéra, Grand Escalier, Porte Monumentale des Baignoires
Opuntia and pineapples side by side
Opuntia sp. (Cactaceae)