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Mayo, Charles Horace
McCarthy, Jane
McConnell, Thomas Raymond
McCormick, Frank
Medical School. Student in soph. yr.
Members of "Solun"
Members of the Golden Circle Group at the St. Paul Jewish Community Center, St. Paul, Minnesota
Members of the Oreckovsky Family of Duluth, Minnesota
Memorial service leaflet from Hodroff Funeral Temple, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Men's Golf Team Members Spero Daltas, Neil Croonquist, Merle Gelten, Bill Cooper (left to right)
Men's Track Team Photo, 1940
Men who know say no
Men who know say no to prostitutes
Mid-day view Northeast from Navajo Tower
Mid-day view West from Navajo Tower
Middlebrook, William Theophilus
Military Training
Military Training. World War II
Millard, Ken
Miller, Elmer S.