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Woodward, Val W.
Woodward, Val W.
Woog, Doug
Wookey, Earl Anderson
Wool bandhani shawl
Wooldrik, Gertrude Mary
Woolen dupatta
Woolen shawl
Woolen shawl
Woolen stole
Wool fon: I-34
Woollen sari
Wool lined silk neck scarf
Woolsey, Adelaide Elizabeth
Wool vest
Wooster, Arthur M.
W, Ordered index cards to the glass plate and film negatives (Index Cards)
Work carefully : help : bring our boys back alive : build it as if : you : were going to use it
Work cloth for Mata ni Pachedi
Work Crew in Montgomery, Minnesota
Worker at Kessel's Bakery in the kitchen, St. Paul, Minnesota
Worker at the feed mill
Worker at the Mount Sinai Hospital gift shop arranges necklaces for sale, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Worker at the National Council of Jewish Women sponsored Country Store, St. Paul, Minnesota
Workers at a Dig Site
Workers at a hat factory, St. Paul, Minnesota
Workers at a laundry shop, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Workers at Lyndale Auto Parts unloading scrap metal from the bed of a truck, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Workers at small sewing and tailoring workroom, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Workers at the Superior Bottling Co., St. Paul, Minnesota
Workers camp
Workers going out on delivery at the Goldish Fish Company in Two Harbors, Minnesota
Workers hall
Workers hall
Worker's Hall
Workers hall
Workers hall
Workers hall
Workers hall
Workers hall
Workers hall actors
Workers hall choir
Worker's Hall fire
Workers in a small laundry plant, St. Paul, Minnesota
Workers sharpening an axe at the Hachsharah in Anoka, Minnesota
Working at the bakery
Working at the bakery
Working at the dairy
Working at the Registration Booth