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Their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth with the royal princesses
Their Majesties the King and Queen with Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret Rose : leaving Crathie Church, near Balmor
The Island of Doctor Moreau
The Jack Butwin Day Camp program director gives two campers instructions on archery
The Jagbura siphon, Sarda Main Canal [left half of panoramic view with amp00098].
The Jagbura siphon, Sarda Main Canal [right half of panoramic view with amp00097].
The Jap way -- cold--blooded murder : we'll make them pay if you keep up : production
The Jewish Community Center Israeli Dance Group performs during celebrations of Israeli Independence Day, St. Paul, Minnesota
The Jewish Community Center planning committee sitting at a table during the annual meeting and dinner, St. Paul, Minnesota
The Jewish Community Center slo-pitch softball team, St. Paul, Minnesota
The Jewish Community Relations Council - Anti-Defamation League booth at the Minnesota State Fair
The Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest presents, "Creating Our Community: Remembrances of the Minneapolis North Side Jewish Institutions, Organizations, and Synagogues", St. Louis Park, Minnesota
The Jewish Historical Society or the Upper Midwest Annual Meeting and the Nathan and Theresa Berman Upper Midwest Jewish Archives Dedication, Minneapolis, Minnesota
The Jewish Historical Society or the Upper Midwest North and South Dakota Reunion Meeting
The Jewish Labor Committee for Freedom, Democracy against Dictatorship and Communism, and Equal Rights for All
The Jolly Cockney
The jubilee: an extensive collection of church music for the choir, the congregation, and the singing-school
The Jubilee harp : revised and enlarged, for tent, conference, prayer, and congregational meetings
The Juntunen Family
The Juvies
The Kid in upper 4 : the New Haven R.R.
The King's Head and Eight Bells
The King's Singers groupshot
The Korean Research Center News, August-October 1962 (Box 64, Folder 30)
The Lady Upstairs
The largest Bible class in the world at Camp McArthur, Waco, Texas. The picture was taken at the great Cotton Palace auditorium near the camp, after the class had been addressed by Dr. James Ely, formerly of New York, now in Army YMCA work in southern...
The largest YMCA centre in the second army area.
The Last Days of Louisiana Red
The late Lord Roberts' stirring words : to London's special service battalion: : ... "how very different is your act
The Laurel wreath : for female seminaries, high schools, academies, normal schools, &c.
Thelephora sowerbyi (Cotylidia pallida)
The Lewis Family of Berkshire, Vermont (Box 126, Folder 11)
The "Liberty Way" (N.Y.C. 1918) Wireless Telephone Set.
Thelin, Mildred Hilleri
The Literary Digest liberty map of the Western Front of the Great World War : showing the battle line of liberty as it stood May 1st, 1918, also showing the lines of farthest advance of the German and the French offensives with complete index
The Lives of these men : depend on : your : work
The Lockheed "Hudson"
The lone star cook book.
The Long arm of fire : fire's destructiveness is not confined to the physical property it devours : you can daily he
The Long-range Bristol "Beaufighter"
The Lord Morrison of Lambeth
Theloschistes polycarpus
The Lost Zoo : (a Rhyme for the Young, But Not Too Young)
The lounge area of the Mary Place YMCA Building, 1890s. Reading and singing around the piano helped pass the time.
The lower picture is of an interesting, half-witted old hermit priest who calls himself the brother in-law of God.
The Lutheran hymnary
The machine shop, Science Section of the Lecture Department, Y22 North Szechuen Road, Shanghai. 1913.
The Madras Electric Tramways.
The maid of the mountains : the world famous musical comedy