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International guests at the Detroit office
International guests tour the Detroit facility
Intersection of State Street and Fairfield, St. Paul, Minnesota
Interview with Jean Frenais, Latin American and Caribbean Manager
In Your Defense
Ira Weil Jeffery, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Irving and Sonia Leveneson's passover, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Irving and Sonia Leveneson's passover, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Israel Bonds Committee, Minneapolis, Minnesota
It's Everybody's Business
Jacob Marcus, proprietor of Marcus's Hat Store, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jake Mogelson in front of his tobacco and confectionary store, St. Paul, Minnesota
Japanese trade delegation
J. Boyer Machine shop employees
Jenny Smith and her grandchildren, St. Paul, Minnesota
Jesse Wolf Codden and her four younger brothers on horseback, St. Paul, Minnesota
Jewish Boy Scout group, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jewish children dressed in patriotic and military costume, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jewish Community Center Dancing Follies, St. Paul, Minnesota
Jewish Community Center Youth Night Dance, St. Paul, Minnesota
Jewish Educational Center at the St. Paul Jewish Community Center, St. Paul, Minnesota
Jewish Education Center Women's Auxiliary, St. Paul, Minnesota
Jewish fraternity/sorority gathering, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jewish fruit peddlers, St. Paul, Minnesota
Jewish Home for the Aged at Como and Snelling Avenues, St. Paul, Minnesota
Jewish man sits amidst anti-Semitic graffiti at Mount Zion Temple, St. Paul, Minnesota
Jewish men and boys pray before a mock up of the Western Wall at the 1976 Israel Expo, St. Paul, Minnesota
Jewish Mothers Club fifteenth anniversary banquet in St. Paul, Minnesota
Jewish servicemen light a Menorah at a Hanukkah Party, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jewish Sheltering Home, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jewish War Veteran's Auxiliary #166, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jewish war veterans march on the State Capitol to protest treatment of displaced European Jews, St. Paul, Minnesota
Jewish War Veteran's picnic, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Joe Numero in World War II uniform, Minneapolis, Minnesota
John Hay Elementary School safety patrol group, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Joseph Schanfield, congregation leader at Adath Jeshurun Synagogue, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Joyce Oglansky playing in the snow, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Judge Hiram Mendow, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Judge Hiram Mendow, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Julian Freeman, St. Paul, Minnesota
Julius Shanedling in the interior of his men's store, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Junior Hadassah Manless Cabaret, Duluth, Minnesota
Junkyard scene, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Kaplan Brothers Surplus Store, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Kids at Stay At Home Camp at the Jewish Education Center, St. Paul, Minnesota
Kid's in front of Desnick's Drug Store at the corner of Penn and Plymouth Avenues, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Kids on the playground at the Jewish Educational Center, St. Paul, Minnesota
Kids playing ping pong at the Jewish Educational Center Annex, St. Paul, Minnesota
Kids posing on a West Side Street, St. Paul, Minnesota
Kids using a clothes ringer, St. Paul, Minnesota