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Glacier Bay, Alaska. Correspondence re protection of Glacier Bay National Monument (Box 2, Folder 52)
Glacier Bay, Alaska. Correspondence with William O. Field (Box 2, Folder 56)
Glacier Bay, Alaska. Doug Brown expedition to Glacier Bay (Box 2, Folder 54)
Glacier Bay, Alaska. Glacier Bay photographs (Box 2, Folder 44)
Glacier Bay, Alaska. Hugh Miller Inlet, Glacier Bay Alaska correspondence with Leonard Delano, aerial photographer (Box 2, Folder 55)
Glacier Bay, Alaska. Photos of Mount Cooper, Glacier Bay, Alaska taken by Jean McIntosh (negatives) (Box 2, Folder 51)
Glacier Bay, Alaska. William S. Cooper photos, Glacier Bay, prints from negatives in collection (Box 2, Folder 43)
Isle Royale, Lake Superior. Reprints and photo record (Box 2, Folder 58)
Isle Royale, Lake Superior. The climax forest of Isle Royale, Lake Superior, and its development (Box 2, Folder 57)
Lectures by Cooper. An Introduction to Plant Ecology (Box 1, Folder 34)
Lectures by Cooper. Experimental Ecology (lecture outline and lab guide) (Box 1, Folder 33)
Lectures by Cooper. Field Ecology (Box 1, Folder 41)
Lectures by Cooper. General Ecology lectures (Box 1, Folder 37)
Lectures by Cooper. General Plant Ecology (course outline and lab guide) (Box 1, Folder 36)
Lectures by Cooper. Geography of Pacific, lectures, a WWII teaching effort (Box 1, Folder 35)
Lectures by Cooper. Morphological Ecology (Box 1, Folder 38)
Lectures by Cooper. Morphological Ecology - lectures (Box 1, Folder 39)
Lectures by Cooper. Morphological Ecology - outlines (Box 1, Folder 40)
Lectures by Cooper. Plant Geography (Box 1, Folder 41)
Letters and Correspondence. General correspondence re Glacier Bay (Box 2, Folder 74)