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Potentilla palustris
Potentilla pensylvanica
Potentilla recta
Potentilla tridentata
Poultry research, U of Minnesota, Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station genetics & nutrition study. St. Paul Campus. Principal Investigator: Robert Nurman Shoffner, 1916-
Powerline, Protest, Abortion for the Poor with speaker Rudy Perpich
Power Plays: How To Deal Like a Lawyer, with John M. Striker, lawyer; and Andrew O Shapiro, author
Prairie Island Expansion: Should It Proceed? with speakers Bruce Johnson and Mark Wernick
Prairie, Lac Qui Parle County, Minnesota.
Prarie Spy apple.
Prarie Spy apple.
Prehistoric Minnesota - Land of Volcanoes and Glaciers
Prehistoric Minnesota: The Birth of a Giant
Prehistoric Minnesota - The Birth of a Giant
Prenanthes alba
Prenanthes racemosa
"Preparation of Administrators and of Programs of Action for Occupied Countries," discussion, Special Bulletin no. 39
President Carter's Civil Service with speaker Alan K. Campbell
President C. Peter McGrath speaks with international students from Africa
President Nguyen Van Thieu
Press and Privacy with Professor Arthur Miller, Harvard Law School
Pressure from the Press
Primula fassettii
Primula fassettii
Primula meadia
Primula mistassinica
Principal Investigator: David A. Somers
"Principles of Democratic Administration," discussion, Special Bulletin no. 107
Probing the Problem of Violent Crime in Minnesota with speakers David Word, Masa Moore-Foster, and Kruttschmitt, Candace
Problem Facing Our New President
"Problems and Prospects of Post-War Education," discussion, Special Bulletin no. 90
Problems Facing the Chinese Communist Party by Roderick MacFarquhar
Problems in planning, by Robert Jorvig
Problems of Law Enforcement
"Problems of Public Health," discussion, Special Bulletin no. 116
Professor Burton Paulu talks with Roboert Kennedy of Great Britain's commercial broadcasting network
Professor Burton Paulu talks with Yassen Zassoursky, Dean of the School of Journalism at the University of Moscow
Program 10, Robert T. Holt, assistant professor, political science "Questions Russians Ask Americans"
Program 11, J. William Buchta and William S. Howell "General Overall Impressions"
Program 1, Interview with John E. Turner, associate professor, political science on "Russian Economic Reorganization and Its Political Ramifications"
Program 1, Introduction to Prime Time Women
Program 2, Interview with Philip M. Raup, professor of agricultural economics on "The Russian Agricultural Economy"
Program 3, William S. Howell, chairman and professor, speech department, "Radio Moscow - North American Service"
Program 4, Thomas F. Magner, chairman and associate professor, Slavic languages department, "The Language Barrier," and "The Position of Religion in the Soviet Union"
Program 5, J. William Buchta, associate dean, College of Science, Literature and the Arts on "Education"
Program 6, Robert H. Beck, professor of education, "The Soviet System of Education"
Program 7, Robert J. Holloway, chairman and professor of the Department of Business Administration, "Consumer Goods in Russia"
Program 8, John R. Borchert, chairman and professor, geology department "Utilization of Natural Resources"
Program 9, Francis M. Boddy, economics professor "The Soviet Economy"
Program with David Durenberger discussing HMO, energy, inflation, salt