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Road cut through glacial till
Road leading up to a house
Roadside Plantation, single row of willows on left, single row of cottonwood on right
Road through the Spruce swamp, Finland-Ely road
Road through the Spruce swamp near Grand Marais and the border
Road through Wooded Mountain Slope
Robert Albright of the Washington Post
Robert Bly in front of Harvard Gate
Robert Bly, James Wright, ?
Robert Bonfiglio Headshot
Robert F. Kennedy
Robert Harris envelope
Robert Kenner in Chester Park Pharmacy in Duluth, Minnesota
Robert McDuffie Headshot
Robert Ryan
Robert Ryan
Robert Short
Robert Silvagni, Director, Division of Solid Waste, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, Interview with Mary Trigg on Hazardous Waste
Robert Smalls
Robertson, A.M.
Robertson, Burton J
Robertson, Burton J
Robertson, D.A.
Robertson, Harold Eugene
Robertson, William
Robert Spano Headshot
Robert St. Bridge, St. Paul, Minnesota
Roberts, Thomas Sadler
Roberts, Thomas Sadler
Roberts, Thomas Sadler
Roberts, Thomas Sadler
Roberts, Thomas Sadler
Roberts, Thomas Sadler
Robert Street Bridge
Robin Group
Robinia pseudoacacia leaf
Robinson, Agnes
Robinson, G.
Robinson, G.
Robinson, Kenny
Rock cliff on the St. Croix near Stillwater
Rock Cliffs
Rock Cliffs
Rock Hill Ski Area during winter
Rock outcrop at Ortonville
Rock quarry and landscape.
Rocks and forest near Taylor's Falls
Rocks at Granite Falls
Rocks, Flowers, and Moss