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Teaching : is war -- work, too : American Education Week : Nov 5 to Nov. 11 : visit your school
Teaching English to the French Poilus [upper left]; Teaching French to Moroccans in Foyer classes [upper right]; Football and other athletics were new to the Singhalese [lower left]; Armenian orphans in Asia Minor instructed by YMCA athletic secretarie...
Teaching Assistants at the University with interviews of Professors Vernon D. Albertson, Millard L. Gieske, David H. Smith, Sue B. Bobrow and several teaching assistants
Teaching and Subject Matter in Tomorrow's Schools
Teaching activities to mentally retarded, 1965-1967 (Box 1, Folder 14)
Teaching 20Q
Teacher teaching a student colors at Talmud Torah, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Teachers Training Building, Ohio State University
Teachers Training Building
Teacher's Roll Book