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Nigel Clark, Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, on Humans in Extremis, April 2011
Paula Lupkin, Professor of Architecture, on the YMCA and Beer, April 2011
Jonathan Hall, Professor of Classics, on Ethnic Identity, April 2011
Thomas Fisher, Dean of the College of Design, on the Future of Human-made Systems, April 2011
Karen Campbell, Educator, on Humans vs. Nature, April 2011
Blaine Brownell, Architect, on Sustainable Architecture and the Fukushima nuclear disaster, April 2011
Eric Dursteler, Professor of History, on Early Modern Identity, March 2011
Her Vang, Postdoc in History, on Hmong Transnational Politics, March 2011
Anne Hake, Architect, on Housing in Haiti, March 2011
Bill Moran, Typographer, on his Practice and Historical Font Revival, March 2011