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Interview with Harsha Walia, Refugee Rights Organizer.
Interview with Scott Van Koughnett, Bookstore Owner, on Black Friday.
Interview with Larry Johnson, Storyteller and Writer.
Interview with Peter Rachleff, East Side Freedom Library.
Interview with Marek Oziewicz, Children's Literature Scholar.
Interview with Eben Kirksey, Environmental Humanities Scholar.
Interview with Sue Berg, Director, Yinghua Academy.
Interview with Dameun Strange, Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association.
Interview with Susan Weinberg, Writer, Artist, Genealogist.
Interview with Luyi Lien, Academic Director, Yinghua Academy, with Students.
Interview with Roger Morris, Poet, Minneapolis Writers Workshop.
Interview with Ben Kreilkamp, Playwright and Actor.
Interview with Aaron Lundblom, Director, Northeast Library.
Interview with Colleen Coghlan, Retired Librarian.
Interview with Ted Hathaway, Special Collections, Minneapolis Central Library.
Interview with Bill Teska, Episcopal Priest.
Interview with J.P. Johnson, Fiction Writer, Minneapolis Writers Workshop.
Correspondence and reports, December 1967-1968 (Box 11, Folder 7)
Biographical. JJ Christensen file on Stakman and Stakman Award. (Box 1, Folder 6)
Programs and publicity material. (Box 1, Folder 17)