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Moral training class organized by the YMCA at AmericanBusiness College, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Newsboys and bootblacks club at the YMCA Children's Home, Valparaíso, Chile
Normal calisthenic exercises, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Physical training class for teachers, Burma
Physiology class at the YMCA, Mexico
Practical work in the YMCA putter shop, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Resident members club Sunday morning breakfast meeting, Central YMCA, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Rio de Janeiro YMCA holds a "health week" in its building, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Robert "Skip" Wilke on a YMCA trip, Ghana
Salesmanship class at the Central YMCA, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Salesmanship class at the Minneapolis YMCA, Minnesota
Salesmanship class in YMCA School, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Singing at the friendship tree, Santiago, Chile
Social room at the YMCA, Chihuahua, Mexico
Sunday morning Bible breakfast in session in the woods near Lima YMCA, Peru
Ten young men at the Instituto Tecnico in an acrobatic pose demonstrating their physical fitness, Montevideo, Uruguay
The right method of life saving being taught in the YMCA camp, Peru
Three boys ice fishing at Camp Ihduhapi, Independence, Minnesota
Tri-Hi-Y Model United Nations, United States
Typing class at the Central YMCA, Minneapolis, Minnesota