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Optimization in Machine Learning and Data Analysis
Optimization for Sparse Estimation
Optimization-based computational modeling, or how to achieve better predictiveness with less complexity
Optimal treatment and timing of routine surveillance in children after allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantaion
Optimal Transportation and Applications to Economic Theory
Optimal Transportation and Applications to Economic Theory
Optimal switching problems and applications in energy finance
Optimal shape and location of actuators or sensors in PDE models
Optimal sensor and actuator selection in distributed systems
Optimal Pentamodes for Guiding Stress
Optimally Blended Spectral-Finite Element Scheme for Wave Propagation, and Non-Standard Reduced Integration
Optimal low-rank approximations of Bayesian linear inverse problems
Optimality, Duality, and Complementarity for Constrained Optimization
Optimal Harvesting Strategies for a Predator-Prey System in Fluctuating Environments.
Optimal Gradient Methods for Nonlinear Optimization
Optimal Extraction and Taxation of Strategic Natural Resources: A Differential Game Approach
Optimal experiment design for differential equation
Optimal Experimental Design with Polynomial Optimization
Optimal Execution Problem under McKean-Vlasov Liquidity Dynamics
Optimal Estimation of CO2 Flux from Targeted Satellite Observations: A Variational Approach