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Robert Lang, Origami Master, on the Frontiers of Origami, March 2011
Pat Nunnally, River Life Coordinator, on the Mississippi River, May 2011
Nigel Clark, Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, on Humans in Extremis, April 2011
Naomi Falk, Professor of Art, on her Work, February 2013
Michael Osterholm, Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, on the Fukushima nuclear disaster, March 2011
Lynn Lukkas, Professor of Art, on Time, September 2009
Kelly Quinn, Professor of American Studies, on Puppets, February 2010
Joel Ryan, Composer, on his Music, February 2009
Jim Lutz, Professor of Architecture, on Architecture in Haiti
David Strom, Artist, on His Paintings, July 2012
Annea Lockwood, Composer, on Natural Sounds, February 2013
William McGeveran, Professor of Law, on Legal Problems after Technology, December 2012
Whitney Taylor, Human Rights Worker, on her Motivations, April 2012
Tom Conley, Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures, on Cinema, April 2010
Susan Hawthorne, Professor of Philosophy, on ADHD
Sean Walsh, Professor of Philosophy, on Confucius, December 2012
Savannah Rhomberg-Reich, Playwright, on Theater, August 2010
Raoni Rajao, Management Student, on Amazon Deforestation, April 2011
Mark Zmudy, Professor of Health, on Adventure Education, April 2010
Maran Wolston, Philosopher, on Philosophy and Multiple Sclerosis, February 2011