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Effective constructions in algebraic topology and topological data analysis
Motivic Euler characteristics and the Motivic Segal-Becker theorem (Remotely)
Persistent cup-length
Tracking Topological Features Across Neural Stimulus Spaces
Witness complexes and Lagrangian duality
Braids and Hopf algebras
Homology crowding in configuration spaces of disks
Limits of Dense Simplicial Complexes
Topological explorations of neuron morphology
Great Spangled Fritillary
Luu Nhat Tam Ngyuen
Lillian Gamm
Sarah Reyes
Daylily 'Christmas in Oz'
Simplifying Federated Learning Jobs With Flame
A Distributed Linear Solver via the Kaczmarz Algorithm
Yeshi Gongpatsang
Yubin Sun
Chersu and Ka Vang
Emilee Xayanourom