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Newsclipping from National Jewish Post, Detroit, Michigan
Outside, right side of sukkah, Rochester, Minnesota
Passover Seder in home 1943, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Pesach (Passover) Seder at the Army Air Base, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Rabbi and Mrs Ettedgui at Sabbath table, Minnesota
Rabbis Richer and Kohler at Army Air Base Passover Seder, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Rose Drive-In Theater, Roseville, Minnesota
Skach on a sukkah, Rochester, Minnesota
The Casmir and Oreckovsky famlies on Passover during a Seder, Duluth, Minnesota
Toni Lee Goldish lighting Chaunakah menorah, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Undecorated sukkah, Rochester, Minnesota
Uptown Theater, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Women serving the Seder, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Budget, 1957-1963 (Box 17, Folder 15)
Budget - Equipment Requisitions, 1959-1962 (Box 17, Folder 16)
Correspondence, Chronological, January - June 1959 (Box 15, Folder 30)
Correspondence, Chronological, July - December 1959 (Box 15, Folder 31)
Dr. Elwyn A. Mauck - Reports, 1960-1962 (Box 17, Folder 01)
Dr. Lloyd M. Short, 1961-1962 (Box 17, Folder 08)
Dr. Tracy F. Tyler, 1956-1959 (Box 17, Folder 11)