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Mill operations, rollway at sawmill
Mill operations, wood treating plant, built 1951.
Native Bur Oak on shore of Lake Sheteck
Native timber along rock edge
Native timber along rock edge
Native timber mostly bur oak in ravine
Newly planted American Elm
Newly planted boxelder
Norman Borlaug and others gathering for a meal in Cloquet dining hall
Norman Borlaug and Ray Jensen
Norman Borlaug, Carl Mohn, Cliff Ahlgren
Norman Borlaug, Carl Mohn, Cliff Ahlgren, Henry Hansen
Norman Borlaug, Dave French, Ray Jensen visiting tree nursery
Norman Borlaug, Ray Jensen, Frank Kaufert in Cloquet classroom building
Norman Borlaug talking to forestry session class in Cloquet classroom
Norway Spruce 28 or 30 years old
Oblique aerial view of arboretum tree plantings, University Road, and experimental forest infrastructure
Old Cabin
Old sawmill building
Old style cabin #14 - repurposed for student recreation