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Nonlinear mechanics of elastic structures: sheets
Nonlinear mechanics of elastic structures: rods
Nonlinear mechanics of elastic structures: ribbons
Nonlinear mechanics of elastic structures: annuli
Nonlinear laser beam combining from optical collapse
Nonlinear Landau damping and inviscid damping
Nonlinear electrohydrodynamics of drops and particles in strong electric fields
Nonlinear eigenvalue problems in optics
Nonlinear Dynamics of the Atomic Force Microscope at Liquid-solid Interfaces, on Polymers, and with Multi-frequency Excitation
Nonlinear discrete optimization II
Nonlinear discrete optimization I
Non-iterative Identification of Cracks in EIT: Examples from a Table-Top Experiment
Non-Impact Printer
Non-Hookean Statistical Mechanics of Thermalized Graphene Sheets
Nonequilibrium Steady States of Certain Particle Systems
Nondegeneracy of blow-up points for the parabolic Keller-Segel System
Nonconvex Quadratic Optimization with One or Two Constraints
Noncontractibility of Coset Posets and a Problem on Binomial Coefficients
Non-constant discount rates, time inconsistency, and the golden rule
Non-Compact Global Attractors and Infinite-Time Blow-Up