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Shaarei Zedeck, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Shadow on the Wall
Shadows on the wet pavement.
Shaking hands
Shaking hands
Shalwar kameez
Shanedling poses for a sports photo, Virginia, Minnesota
Shanghai Boys' Building
Shanghai Brick Layers
Shanghai, China: Two new classrooms in Pootung Model Village. Contributed by Mr. Hu Wiu-hee of Singapore.
Shanghai, China YMCA business desk
Shanghai, China YMCA Carpentry Class
Shanghai Incident: Passing the YMCA building, a parade in Peking after the May 30th Shanghai shooting
Shanghai picnickers in the doorway of the temple where they spent the day.
SHAPE Study: Survey of the Health of the Adult of the Population and Environment
Shapiro weaving tallit
Sharay Shomayim, St. Paul, Minnesota
Shark: Cross Sections, Fins, and Mouth from Different Angles
Sharon Walsh
Shatoosh stole
Shaving: The barber of China is also an ear and eye specialist.
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