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Labovsky Family inside Labovsky Grocery, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ladies Auxiliary of the West Side Hebrew Institute in St. Paul, Minnesota
Lammies dance, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Lammie's social event, St. Paul, Minnesota
Lansing Michigan National Uncut Clip
Laser Printer Audition Tape
Launching Our Second Century
Launch of GT-1
Launch of Mercury rocket
Lease Committee members
Ledger box filing cabinet and bookkeeping machine
Legacy of Honor Incentive Kick Off
Leona Gordon and her niece, Anita, Ely, Minnesota
Leonard "Butch" Levy in his Navy uniform, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Letter to David Pink from President Dwight D. Eisenhower on Brotherhood Week, Washington, District of Columbia
Liberty Theater, North 6th and Lyndale Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Lincoln Simon in his West Point uniform, Minneapolis, Minnesota
LINC Preliminary Master
LINC Testimonial with Kevin McNamara
Line Printer Operator Training - Part 1
Line Printer Operator Training - Part 2
LMTT power connector chassis
Local bowlers at the National B'nai Brith Bowling Tournament, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Local fundraising event in support of the American Federation of Polish Jews, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Louis Spiegel and Harry Krane, proprietors of Spiegel Krane Drugs, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Lubavitch and Temple Israel synagogue children make matzo at the Annual Matzo Bakery held at the Minneapolis Jewish Community Ce
"Lucky Order" Contest
Lucky Strike bowlers from the B'nai B'rith Bowling Association, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Luvarre Trio, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Machinists manufacturing screws
Machinists using drill presses
Machinists using drill presses
Machinists using drill presses
Machinists using punch presses
Machinist using drill presses
Magetic drum vacuum deposition process
Magnetic drum
Magnetic drum assmebly
Magnetic ink character recognition chart
Magnetic Tape Unit Operator Training
Magnetic Tape Unit - Part 1
Mains family portrait, Russia
Making up for the Home Camp Circus at the Jewish Education Center, St. Paul, Minnesota
Malmon Motors staff picnic, St. Paul, Minnesota
Man and Computer
Man looking at punched paper tape
Manual adding machine paper carriage
Manual cash register
Manual cash register