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Seoul National University Libraries: A Report by Harald Ostvold, 1956 (Box 65, Folder 26)
Special Events: Seoul University President Luncheon, 1966 (Box 140, Folder 58)
Stabalization and Program Progress: Fiscal Year 1958, Korea by United Nations Command Office of the Economic Coordinator for Korea, 1958 (Box 64, Folder 21)
Standardized Regulations (Government Civilians, Foreign Areas) by the Department of State, 1953 (Box 64, Folder 13)
Textile Engineering in Seoul National University of Korea: A Report by Chapin A. Harris, 1956 (Box 65, Folder 14)
The Agricultural College of Seoul National University: A Report by C. H. Bailey and P. W. Manson, 1955 (Box 64, Folder 27)
The Architectural Engineering Department of the College of Engineering of Seoul National University of Korea: A Report by Carl Graffunder, 1955 (Box 65, Folder 13)
The Birth of a School by Stuart A. MacCorkle, 1960 (Box 65, Folder 15)
The College of Veterinary Medicine of Seoul National University: A Report of Study and Recommendations by Willard Lee Boyd, D. V. M., 1957 (Box 65, Folder 11)
The Graduate School of Public Administration of Seoul National University by Elwyn A. Mauck, 1962 (Box 64, Folder 11)
The Korean Research Center News, August-October 1962 (Box 64, Folder 30)