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Notes F.E.H. Rust reports by state. (Box 1, Folder 19)
Notes F.E.H. (F.E. Haglund) Rust spread by state. (Box 1, Folder 14)
Notes F.E.H. (F.E. Haglund) Rust spread by state. (Box 1, Folder 13)
Notes: date of wheat ripening , heading or footing. (Box 1, Folder 36)
Notes and comments on Mr. Lawson Tait (newsclipping)
Note from a deed made by Wilkins who bought of Rawson.
Note: Eleanor Roosevelt
Noted Minnesotans - Present
Noted Minnesotans of the Past
Note cards with Personal Coming Out Story Delivered in Little Rock, Arkansas. (Box 4, Folder 10)
Note cards on the Topic of African-American Leadership and the Politics of Race in the United States. (Box 4, Folder 6)
Note cards for Talks on Aspects of African American History. (Box 4, Folder 7)
Notecard from Mrs. Mahon to Margaret S. Forester, August 5
Notecard from Mrs. Mahon accepting and invitation from Margaret S. Forester
Notecard from D. W. Mahon to Margaret S. Forester
Notecard from Commander John Rodgers to Margaret S. Forester
Notebook, Work done in Herbarium, Alias F. Kovarik (Box 84, Folder 403)
Note book with running stitch embroidery cover
Notebook with brocade cover
Notebooks: Topographical and Barometrical Record, Ulysses S, Grant, 6 (Box 2, Folder 41)