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Minnehaha Liquor Store, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minnesota delegation to the first National Economic Conference for Israel, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minnesota First Lady, Jean Freeman, at Oak Park Home Ladies Auxiliary Luncheon, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minnesota Governor Luther Youngdahl signs Book of Remembrance, St. Paul, Minnesota
"Miss Torchy" winner
"Miss Torchy" winner
Modelevsky family grocery store, St. Paul, Minnesota
Model No. 10 adding machine
Model No. 1 adding machine
Model No. 6 machine
Modular Data Processing
Modular terminals and pheripherals
Morris Mirsky in front of his blacksmith shop, St. Paul, Minnesota
Mort Silverstein's home, St. Paul, Minnesota
Mother placing her baby on a scale to be weighed at the Baby Clinic, Emanuel Cohen Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mothers spending a day at Sophie Wirth Camp in White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Mount Sinai Auxiliary Luncheon at the Nicollet Hotel, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mount Sinai Auxiliary luncheon, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mount Sinai Hospital Association Auxiliary leaders, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mount Sinai Hospital Auxiliary Workers, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mount Sinai Hospital Candy Stripers line up at Candy Striper Luncheon, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mount Sinai Hospital Lobby, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mount Sinai Hospital, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mount Zion confirmation class, St. Paul, Minnesota
Moving office furniture
Mr. Milavitz in front of his jewelry and tobacco store, Duluth, Minnesota
Mr. Zeesman delivering bread, Minneapolis, Minnesota
MT1500 Manufacturing and Distribution Terminals
Mt. Calvary Lutheran 7th and 8th grade classroom
Mt. Cheyenne
Mt. Cheyenne scale model
Multiple family Passover Seder, Virginia, Minnesota
Multiple Speakers
Muriel Humphrey and Jay Phillips, founder of Mount Sinai Hospital, attend the Mount Sinai Women's Auxiliary annual meeting, Minn
My Country Tis, Temple of Aaron's Women's League patriotic tableau, St. Paul, Minnesota
NACA tour of the Detroit plant
NACA tour of the Detroit plant
National Jewish Workers Alliance Home, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Naval Digital Airborne Computer (NADAC)
NCR Comparison ENG
Neighborhood House Sewing Club, St. Paul, Minnesota
Neighborhood House, St. Paul, Minnesota
Nellie Weiss Bondy in her wedding dress, Duluth, Minnesota
New Burroughs World Headquarters: 1
New Burroughs World Headquarters: 10
New Burroughs World Headquarters: 11
New Burroughs World Headquarters: 12
New Burroughs World Headquarters: 13
New Burroughs World Headquarters: 14