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Fresh Fruit Radio KFAI, May 25, 1989
The American Jewish World, Volume 77, Number 38, May 19, 1989
Conference on the Holocaust, Audience Questions and Panel Discussion with George Annas, Richard King, Benno Muller-Hill
Dorothy Vawter, Introduction; Ruth Macklin, Nazi Policies Concerning Medical Killing and Euthanasia; Panel Discussion, comments by William Seidelman, Biomedical Ethics Conference
Holocaust Conference, Panel Discussion, 2 speakers discuss religion and euthanasia
Holocaust Conference, Ronald Franks, Introduction; Nazi Biomedical Policies and Programs in the Area of Eugenics, Benno Muller-Hill and Robert Proctor
Arthur Caplan lecture at the Biomedical Ethics Conference, Examining the Ethics of the Unspeakable: The Holocaust and Biomedical Ethics
Dianne Bartels, Introduction; Jay Katz Lecture at the Biomedical Ethics Conference, The Ethics of Human Experimentation from the Perspective of the Holocaust, followed by question and answer
Gopher It with Walter Cronkite
The American Jewish World, Volume 77, Number 37, May 12, 1989