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Breaking camp, Algeria
Burton Hall. Minneapolis Campus
Buy war bonds here : paymaster : use a pay day during the war, to buy a pay day after the war
Buy war bonds : third war loan
Camouflage : blinds : the enemy : if he can't see you, he can't hit you
Campus Views. Minneapolis Campus. Postcard. Aerial View of Main Campus
Campus Views. St. Paul Campus
Can all you can : it's a real war job
Can all you can : it's a real war job
CCW Board
CCW Bookkeepers
CCW Classroom
CCW food tester
CCW sales chart
CCW Test Kitchen
CCW Youth Course
Cedar, 35' Long
Central high school Hi-Y club president Jay Skarnes and two girls working on the victory book campaign, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Check with your oxygen officer
Chemical warfare agents : reference and training chart