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Social room at the YMCA, Chihuahua, Mexico
Sunday morning Bible breakfast in session in the woods near Lima YMCA, Peru
Ten young men at the Instituto Tecnico in an acrobatic pose demonstrating their physical fitness, Montevideo, Uruguay
The right method of life saving being taught in the YMCA camp, Peru
Three boys ice fishing at Camp Ihduhapi, Independence, Minnesota
Tri-Hi-Y Model United Nations, United States
Typing class at the Central YMCA, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Typing class at the YMCA, Senegal
Vacation camp, Costa Rica
Vocational training at YMCA, Guatemala
Vocational training at YMCA, Guatemala
Vocational training at YMCA, Guatemala
Weekly religious meeting in the Business College, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Winners of the track competition held during the First National Leaders' Training Conference, Mexico City, Mexico
Women's secretarial training class, Syndicate Building, Minneapolis, Minnesota
YMCA campers and a counselor in front of a tent, Ethiopia
YMCA campers on a boat trip, Thailand
YMCA community boys' club, Manila, Philippines
YMCA high school club ceremony, Philippines
YMCA Institute for Social Workers, Philippines