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Nonuniform interfacial colloidal tracer distributions and implications for microscale PIV
Nonsmooth Phenomena in Conceptual Climate Models
Non-smooth and Non-convex Optimization
Nonparaxial Near-Nondiffracting Acclerating Optical Beams
Non-parametric Sparse Additive Auto-regressive Network Models
Nonparametric inference for Hawkes processes. Applications for estimating functional connectivity graphs of neurons.
Non-Parametric Estimation of Manifolds from Noisy Data
Non-parametric Bayesian dictionary learning for sparse image representations
Non-modal amplification of disturbances in channel flows of viscoelastic fluids: A possible route to elastic turbulence?
Non-Metro Transportation by Senator George Conzemius and Representative Arne Carlson
Non-Markovian quantum dynamics: Foundations and applications to relaxation and transport processes
Nonlocal Operators and Sparse Solvers for PDE's
Nonlocal equations and their long time behavior
Nonlocal Burgers equations and generalized Hopf-Cole transforms
Nonlinear Valuation in Theory and Practice
Nonlinear Unmixing of Hyperspectral Imagery
Nonlinear Systems Toolbox
Nonlinear Systems Toolbox
Nonlinear Systems Toolbox
Nonlinear surface waves and the loss of uniform Lopatinski stability in IBVPs for hyperbolic conservation laws