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Pursuit of the Gwalior Contingent, by Sir Colin Campbell, on the 6th December 1857
Purtaub Singh
Quetta City.
Quetta City [2].
Quetta City [3].
Quetta City [4].
Quetta Club--Quetta.
Racecourse [2]--Quetta.
R. A. F. Hangar in Quetta.
Rail Motor, K-S-Railway
[Railway construction crane at work]
Railway Quarters--Quetta.
Railway Station--Sariab.
Rajabai Tower, University and B. B. and C. I. Ry. Building--N. W. to Malabar Hill, Bombay
Rajah Amehti's [Amethi's ?] Temple, Benares
Raja Heera Singh
Rajah Jay [Jai] Singh's Observatory, Benares
Raja Sakaram Sahib's Hall, Tanjore [Tanjavur]
Raje Gaut, the Principal Road up to Rotas Ghur, Bahar
Rajrajeswuree Ghat, Benares.
Rameswur, - Caves of Ellora
Ram Leela Mela: As performed at Ram Nugur before the Raja of Benares.
Ramnugur, Near Bernares, on the River Ganges.
Rangoon from the river
Rani Sipri's Mosque showing beautifully carved window and pillar, Ahmedabad
Ready for a hunt, Bengal
Recruiting for the Army in Northern India
Refreshment Room in the Delhi Railway Station.
Refugee Camp--Quetta.
Refugees Being Fed at the Railway Station, Quetta.
Refugees Washing at the Railway Station in Sibi.
Refugee Train -- Quetta.
Refugee Train Starting from Quetta.
Relics of a romantic past--Tower of Victory (15th cent.) and royal cinotaphs (sic.) Chitor
Remains of an Ancient Building near Firoz Shah's Cotilla, Delhi
Remains of Wheeler's Entrenchment, Cawnpore.
Remarkable Pillar in the centre of the Dewan-i-Kass [Khass], Futtehpore [Fatehpur] Sikri
Removing cable from tank.
Repairing measuring instruments.
Residency in Quetta.
Residency, showing scaffold
Residency Surgeon's Bungalow--Quetta.
Resting by the way
Reva Rosenbloom's Scrapbook Photographs
Rhodea Women
Rickshaws before Christ Church, during service of prayer for King Edward, showing Town Hall, Simla
Road Scene at Galle, Ceylon
Road Scene in Ceylon
Road Scene near Galle