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The Slaughter House, Cawnpore.
The Snows, Darjeeling
The Snows, Darjeeling
The Snows, Darjeeling
The Snows, Darjeeling
The Soane, in the Dry Season.
The Southern Cross
The southern Gopuram, front, Madura [Madurai]
The splendid Municipal Building, Bombay
The Spring Bow
The stockade at Telayn in Cachar
The storming of one of the principal stockades on its inside on the 8th of July, 1824.
The storming of the Lefser stockade at Kemmendine near Rangoon on the 10th of June 1824.
The storyteller
The Subas House, Boorhanpoor.
[The Suez Canal]
The Sugar Mills at Belaspore
The Sunkul Boorjh & Fort Gate, Penkonda.
The Sunyasees.
The Taje Mahel, at Agra.
The Taj Mahal, Agra
The Taj Mahal from the river, Agra
The Taj Mahal from the top of the entrance gate, Agra
The Taj Mehul
The Tanks: Aden, Arabia.
The Tanks: Aden, Arabia.
The Telephone repair shop.
The Temple and Gopurams from the approach, Tanjore [Tanjavur]
The Temple of Mandeswara Near Chaynpore, Bahar
The Thugs Dice
The Tiger Caves, Elephanta Caves
The Tomb of Akbar Shah
The Tomb of Shaikh Selim Cheestie
The Town Hall and Jakho Hill, S. E. from the Post Office, Simla
The Trimurti, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Elephanta Caves
The Tripuliya, center of Ulwar City
The two minarets near the railway station, Ahmedabad
The Umla Baushee in his dress of office.
The Ummer Sing [Umer Singh] gate and fort, Agra
The Village Barber.
The Village of Khandoo, Himalaya Mountains
The Well of Knowledge, Benares
The Western Entrance of Shere Shah's Fort, Delhi.
The Women Grinding at the Mill.
The Yacht Club, Bombay
The Young Civilian's Toilet.
The Young Lady's Toilet.
The Zenana, Agra
Three Fields on the Railway Incline
Thubare: A Small Harbour on the Arabian Coast, Upper Part of the Red Sea.