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T,Hut,Heree [sic.] Bazaar
Tibri regulator.
Tiger Island: Entrance of the Canton River
Timbers being cut on the log sawing machine.
Title Page
Toddy-man climbing tree
Toddy Tree
Tomb in the Hooseinabad [Hussainabad], Lucknow
Tomb near Balar [Bala] Hissar gate
Tomb of Hoomayoon's Yizier, Delhi.
Tomb of Humaioon, - Delhi
Tomb of Meer Haiat Kalundur, Mongrool.
Tomb of Rani Sipri, Ahmedabad
Tomb of the First King of Oude [Awadh], Lucknow
Tombs of the Bereed Kings, Bidur.
Tombs of the King's of Golconda
Tope of Maunikyaula.
Town and Citadel of Chuznee.
Traveling on the roadway cut in the steep mountain-side between Simla and Naldera
Travellers Palm
Travellers Palm, Kandy, Ceylon
Travellers palms, Ceylon
Tree Ferns, Ceylon
Tree ferns, Ceylon
Trichinopoly [Tiruchirapalli] Rock Temple and Tank
Trying Position of the Naval Guns, and Greene's Battery, on the 27th November, 1857
Two Arabs: Followers of the Late Sir A. Burnes, who accompanied him to Simla.
Two bullock Reckla [Rekla]
Typical Himalayan woman at Skalin
Ulee Bundee: Hindoo Nach Girl.
University Library and Clock Tower, Bombay
Untitled (?)
Up Country Carriage, Madras
Upper Chenab Canal.
Upper Ganges Canal.
Upper Jhelum Canal regulator.
Upper Sone Bridge
Upper Swat River Canal.
Up to the everlasting snows of Mr. Kinchinjanga (28,156 ft.) 45 M. north from Darjeeling
Veerabudraswamy [Veerabhadraswamy], Puthoo Muntapam, Madura [Madurai]